voice caddie sc300 app update

SC300 App Updates

Announcing a major update to your Swing Caddie Launch Monitor experience.

Dear Swing Caddie Users,

Announcing a major update to your Swing Caddie Launch Monitor experience.

Developing the perfect launch monitor to record your swing while attaining key data points was a primary goal. We are excited to announce that with the new MySwingCaddie App, your mobile phone and/or tablet can be used to seamlessly record your swing. Coupled with the Swing Caddie Launch Monitor’s advanced swing analysis, you are able to record your swing in real time fashion.

All of our swing data and videos are stored inside the Myswingcaddie app (as well as data within the device). With a clean and inviting interface and layout, users can quickly review and compare session data and shot videos.

Other additional features include:

Practice Mode: Provides practice, video, and simple modes by user selection
Swing Overlay: You can draw lines overlaying on your swing video, to easily and visibility analyze your swing in motion
Target Mode: Stimulate your practice session as the Swing Caddie challenges you to hit certain target distances
Data Analysis: Stats are saved by date, club, target, and sessions
As always your Swing Caddie can be use with or without the App (stand alone).

The Swing Caddie SC300i, a professional grade launch monitor that features lightweight portability, easy set at home or on the range, and now with an improved and advanced App capable of taking analytics to the next level.

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