Our Mission

Revolutionary Innovation

Revolutionary innovation isn't just a goal - it's our driving force. We aim to fundamentally transform the golfing experience. Through intensive research and experimentation, we strive to anticipate and address the evolving needs of golfers everywhere.

Uncompromising Quality

Exemplifying uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, and reliability, Voice Caddie products set the standard in the golf industry. From concept to execution, we maintain unwavering standards to ensure that every product with our name reflects excellence in every detail.

Inclusive Accessibility

We are dedicated to ensuring that every golfer, regardless of background or skill level, has access to the advanced tools and resources they need to enhance their game. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond affordability to encompass user-friendly design and intuitive interfaces.

How It Started

The idea of Voice Caddie traces back to a pivotal moment in 2010 when our founder and avid golfer, Juno Kim, had just purchased an expensive rangefinder for the golf course. He was excited to use it, but was soon disappointed by its quality and accuracy. Using his engineering expertise, Juno set out to create a superior product that would empower golfers with the insights and precision they craved, all at an affordable price point. His vision was clear: to bridge the gap between advanced technology and practical accessibility.

First Product

After 6 dedicated months, Voice Caddie proudly introduced the world's first voice output GPS rangefinder, the VC100, to the public in 2011. This groundbreaking device not only marked a significant milestone but also served as the inspiration behind our company's name, Voice Caddie – your trusted golf companion. Within 6 months of its release, over 100,000 units were sold, solidifying its status as a game-changing device in the world of golf technology.

What Makes Us Different?

Research & Development

With a focus on innovation, our team of over 120 engineers and experts continuously explores new frontiers to enhance the golfing experience. Our dedication to pioneering solutions has resulted in over 138 patents. Through cutting-edge research, rigorous testing, and a deep understanding of golfer needs, Voice Caddie remains at the forefront of the industry, shaping the future of golf technology.

Revolutionizing the Future

Innovative Milestones

Voice GPS VC100

Launched the world’s 1st output GPS rangefinder and sold over 100,000 units within 6 months

Product Testing

Before any product reaches the hands of golfers, it undergoes meticulous testing and scrutiny to ensure unmatched reliability and performance. From precision engineering to real-world simulations, every aspect of our products is thoroughly evaluated to exceed the expectations of golfers at every level.


Since 2011, Voice Caddie has been manufacturing most of its own products in South Korea. By overseeing the manufacturing process firsthand, we maintain strict control over the process, from design to distribution. This hands-on approach allows us to uphold rigorous quality control measures guarantees that every Voice Caddie product reflects the dedication and craftsmanship synonymous with our brand.

Behind the Brand

Our team consists of over 120 engineers and tech experts, alongside golf enthusiasts, is dedicated to continually exploring new frontiers in golf technology.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Juno Kim

PhD in Electronic Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

Chief Executive Officer, US

Kichool Park

PhD in Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Chief Technology Officer

Hakyong Lee

PhD in Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University

Director of Future Technology Research

Sangil Jin

PhD in Electronic Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

A Trusted Brand

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We continue to push the boundaries of golf technology to enhance the golfing experience for everyone who shares our passion for the game.

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