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Voice Caddie Introduces the New SC300i Portable Launch Monitor

Voice Caddie Introduces the New SC300i Portable Launch Monitor
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VOICE CADDIE continues its pursuit of revolutionizing golf technology with the launch of the all-new SC300i professional-grade launch monitor.


Trusted by an ever-expanding number of teaching professionals and TOUR players, VOICE CADDIE launch monitors are designed and engineered for aspiring golfers of all levels, works both indoors and outdoors, and precisely tracks a wide array of swing and ball flight metrics.


Set to launch on April 1, 2021, the powerful, portable, and newly designed SC300i delivers improved accuracy, and consistency versus previous models while increasing battery life by 66%! Using high-performance Doppler radar technology, and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors, the SC300i tracks essential data points such as carry/total distance, ball speed, swing speed, launch angle, apex, smash factor, and spin (spin data displayed in MySwingCaddie app only).


Retailing for $499.99, the SC300i's orange and black LCD display, voice output of distance, and included remote control work together to provide instant feedback and the highest levels of user experience and ease-of-use with or without the all-new MySwingCaddie app (iOS or Android).


The multifunctional capabilities of the SC300i make it a true game-changer! Though the MySwingCaddie app provides the most robust practice experience, the SC300i is not dependent solely on the app to use or display data. Golfers have the option to utilize the SC300i without the MySwingCaddie app and transfer practice session data/results to their device via Bluetooth for analysis at their convenience. These features make the SC300i the only standalone, professional-grade launch monitor with a display and voice output under $500.00 on the market today!


The SC300i connects directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to utilize the new MySwingCaddie app to track and save data, use video to record swings, incorporate graphic and data overlays, and view key swing and ball flight metrics. Data and videos are captured and saved automatically, allowing golfers to evaluate each practice session, and analyze performance, improvement, and progress.



For more information on Voice Caddie call the company at (562) 926-3978 or visit their website at http://www.voicecaddie.com


Follow VOICE CADDIE on Instagram: httpssss://www.instagram.com/voicecaddie_us/


VOICE CADDIE, maker of the Voice Caddie line of GPS rangefinders, laser rangefinders, Swing Caddie professional-grade launch monitors, and digital training aids is the world’s leader in golf technology. Combining research and development, uncompromised data metrics, highest quality components, and tour-proven feedback allows VOICE CADDIE to be the leader in providing data and information golfers of all levels require to improve their game and maximize their potential.



Media Contact:

Won Chung

Voice Caddie USA

(562) 926-3978


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